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Make A Decorative Fountain To Dress Up Your Rental Property

Give your rental property a fresh appearance by installing a small fountain in the yard. This feature will draw attention of prospective renters and will add a pleasant focal point that can be enjoyed whenever a new person secures the property. This project can be completed with some basic items and does not require experience to complete. 

Use These Items

  • large, plastic bucket
  • submersible water pump
  • rubber tubing
  • epoxy sealer
  • thin paintbrush
  • utility knife
  • plastic flower pot 
  • concrete block
  • decorative stones
  • aquarium foliage
  • electrical source
  • spray paint for plastic
  • plastic sheeting
  • water

Paint The Containers And Fill The Base

Place the large bucket and flower pot on a piece of plastic sheeting. Apply an even coat of spray paint that is designed for plastic to each one. Choose colors that will stand out and complement that way that the other features on the property look. Wait the required amount of time for the paint to dry. Place a layer of decorative stones in the base of the larger bucket. Insert the stems of aquarium foliage into the layer of stones. Place a flat, concrete block in the center of the base. Wedge it into the stones until it is secure.

Attach The Tubing

Connect one end of the rubber tubing to the end of the water pump. Insert the other end of the tubing through the drainage hole that is on the bottom of the flower pot. Trim any excess tubing with a utility knife. Seal any gaps around the drainage hole with epoxy sealer. Squeeze the sealer on and spread it out with a thin paintbrush. This product can get wet and will not loosen or shrink. Place the flower pot on top of the concrete block.

Fill The Base With Water 

Place the fountain in a level area that is close to an electrical source. Fill the base with water. Stop when it reaches a couple inches from the top of the concrete block. Plug in the water pump and turn it on. Place the water pump inside of the base so that it rests along the side. The water will feed through the rubber tube and fill up the flower pot. When the water reaches the top of the pot, it will spill over the edge, creating a waterfall effect. This decorative feature will be easy for new tenants to care for. It will add beauty to the property and can be enjoyed throughout the year. 

If you have questions on how you can help maintain your property and improve its appearance, check out companies such as NorthStar Cleaning & Property Services for help. 

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Got Foundation Repair Questions? Get Answers Here!

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