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Want To Jazz Up Your Bedroom In Your New Apartment? Consider A Boutique Style

As you move into your new apartment, your bedroom becomes your private oasis, away from the rest of the world. It's just as much of a reflection of who you are as the rest of your home is. If you're someone who want the lavish look of a boutique to adorn their bedroom, you might think that you have to spend a lot of money. However, this guide offers some ideas on what you can do to provide the boutique look on a meager budget.

Choose the Right Linens

The first step to having a boutique bedroom is to feel like you're in a boutique. The best way to do that is to purchase sheets that feel great, provide the look you want, but aren't wild in colors or patterns.

A true boutique bedroom features bed linens that are solid color and around 400-thread count. According to Consumer Reports, a thread count higher than 400 isn't necessary. You could end up wasting precious funds that you can spend elsewhere.

Choose your choice of a quilt, bedspread or a comforter in a duvet to top off the bed, and to snuggle under at night. Visit some bedroom showrooms to get some ideas if you can't decide, and then try to emulate your favorite styles by visiting discount stores and even thrift shops.

Choose Fluffy Throw Pillows

When choosing pillows to top off your bed, don't just go with the ones that might come with a bedding kit. Go for something bigger, fluffier and lighter. If you love the furry pillows, go ahead and choose them. These fluffy pillows act as decorations on the top of your bed. Make sure that you get a couple different colors to complement the bedding.

Choose Simple Window Coverings

Have the blinds removed and put up sheer curtains instead. This type of window covering is softer and they are not as harsh as blind or drapes. Pull them back when you want sun and close them if you need a little privacy.

If you don't like the open feel of sheer curtains, double the amount you put up, this will make it more difficult to see in, while still maintaining the ambiance of a boutique you're going for.

While you're shopping for necessities to create a boutique bedroom, consider soft lighting and furniture that you can afford. Look around at showrooms at places like Vandenberg Furniture for other ideas to turn your bedroom into one that's showroom perfect and one that makes you feel as if you're sleeping in the finest hotel-style boutique. Share this with others who want to jazz up their bedroom.

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