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4 Decorative Ways To Disguise Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning unit serves a purpose inside of your home. It keeps you and your family comfortable and cool in those hot summer months. Your air conditioning unit, however, is bulky and can be a little unsightly on the exterior of your home. It doesn't blend well with the rest of your yard and landscaping, but that can be fixed. There are numerous decorative ways to disguise your unit, without hindering it's ability to run efficiently. See below for a few ways to disguise your exterior unit:

1. Camouflage With Paint

You can paint your air conditioning unit to help it blend with the rest of your landscaping or your home. Paint it the same color as your house or shutters. Paint it with your very own design, or to match with your patio furniture cushions and pillows. You can also paint it the same color green as the grass to blend with your yard, or use a camouflage paint pattern. Use paint, such as spray paint, that is safe to use outdoors and that will cover metal surfaces. 

2. Add Landscaping

Add landscaping such as shrubs, flowers, or tall grass to help hide your unit. Be sure to plant far enough away from the unit to help keep air flowing to your unit and to help your unit continue to run efficiently. Plant these items at least 2 - 3 feet away from the unit to allow for proper air flow. Improper air flow can cause damage to your air conditioning unit, which can be costly if you need to call an air conditioning repair technician.

3. Lattice Cover

You can create your own lattice box to help hide your unit. The lattice design will help air to flow properly to your unit, while also providing a beautiful way to hide your unit. The lattice can be just a simple two or three sided design, with an open top. Paint the lattice to match with the rest of your landscape or to match with the color of your home. You can find lattice at most hardware stores.

4. Fence It In

You can make your own fence to hide your air conditioning unit. There are a number of possibilities of fencing to choose from. Louvered fencing, white picket fencing, or small hole lattice fencing are just a few decorative design fencing. Your air conditioner will still have proper air flow, as the top should be left open. Install the fence with at least a foot in between the unit and the fence. Give your fence a gate opening for easy access to your unit in case you need to get to it for repairs or for maintenance cleaning.

Disguising your air conditioning unit is fairly simple to do if you aren't too keen on it's unsightly look. These options will not completely hide your unit, but they will help give you something more eye pleasing to look at, rather than your unit.

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