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Decrease Your Business's Burglary Risk With An Aluminum Storefront

A common concern among business owners is burglary. Burglars don't just steal, but they also put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. Did you know that the storefront style you choose, through companies like Glasshopper Schor Glass, can have an impact on your burglary risk? Options like an aluminum storefront can actually work in your favor as a theft deterrent. When you combine the natural safety features of an aluminum storefront with additional safety tips, you can do your part to keep burglaries away.

The Safety of Aluminum Storefronts

One of the reasons aluminum storefronts serve as a theft deterrent is their wide open design. Aluminum storefronts are designed with a thin framework style. This allows much of your storefront to be made up of glass, instead of metal or another material that blocks your view.

With more glass on your storefront, customers can clearly see inside and your team members can clearly see activity on the outside. Additionally, when combined with a shatterproof glass, your building will be near impenetrable. Aluminum is a highly durable material that remains intact even when met with great force.

Storefront Safety Tips

Keep it Clear

It's best to keep the space immediately in front of the storefront free and clear. This isn't the place for safety reducing obstructions like large landscaping. While from the inside your employees would be able to see someone hiding behind a large shrub or plant, someone approaching the building would not be able to see this, putting their safety at risk.

Keeping the area clear is the best to keep the field of view wide open. If you must have a landscape design in front of the storefront, choose plants or shrubs that won't grow any more than about two or three feet in height.

Proper Lighting

It's important that you keep the area well lit. The open design of aluminum storefronts is excellent, but if you don't have the area immediately in front of the storefront lit properly, the view will be limited. Although it might seem counterproductive, avoid overly bright lights.

Excessively bright lights have the tendency to produce dark, or blind, spots that provide a perfect spot for an intruder to go undetected. Instead, chose several moderately lit lights. It's also best to choose overhead lights instead of lights that affix to the building. Overhead lights can typically offer more coverage.

In addition to providing high-quality products or services, it is also your responsibility to keep your team members and customers safe. Do everything in your power to increase safety around your storefront.

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