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How To Prevent Leaks In Your Home

Spring has sprung, which means that heavy rain is on the horizon. While you probably love the May flowers that April showers bring, you probably aren't a fan of sitting in a pool of water in your basement.

Water leaks can happen to any type of home in any location, which is why the best way to avoid a problem is to take preventive measures. How can you keep your home dry during the rainy season? Here are some preventive tips to abide by.

Clean Out the Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to direct water away from the foundation. When the gutters are clogged, rain water runoff will overflow and land right next to your foundation. Over time, this water can weaken the foundation, penetrate it and cause a leak.

To prevent leaking, clean out your gutters. Dirt and debris from falling leaves often remains in the gutters after the winter. Pull out this dirt and debris, then use a hose to thoroughly clean out the rest of the gutter and ensure that it is working properly. To prevent dirt and debris from collecting in the future, install leaf guards over them.

Check the Foundation

Inspect the foundation of your home. Cracks are a good sign that you could be dealing with a leak in your near future. If you do notice any cracks, contact a professional foundation repair service to correct the problem and keep potential leaks at bay.


The soil around the foundation needs to be pitched away from the house. It is recommended that you have a slope of approximately 6 inches for the first 10 feet of land. This will allow the water to run down into your yard instead of toward your house. How do you re-grade the land? Just add soil and rake it so that the highest point is around the perimeter of the house.

Check the Trees

Tree roots can pose serious problems. If they are too close to your home, they could crack the foundation and cause leaks. Call an arborist or a professional landscaper to assess the roots and ensure that they are a safe distance away from the foundation. If they are not, the roots may need to be trimmed or the tree may need to be removed.

By taking these preventive measures, you can keep the interior of your home bone dry when those spring rains start to fall. For more information on preventing leaks in your home or for assistance repairing cracks in your foundation, contact a company like Safe-Guard Waterproofing.

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