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Two Fun Outfits That Showcase Your Shemagh Scarf

Made from woven cotton cloth, shemagh scarves are similar to, but smaller than, sarongs. Each shemagh scarf has its own character. Some come in flashy colors and patterns, while others are more subdued. If you have been given one of these scarves as a gift, or even if you purchased one on your own, you're probably wondering how to coordinate it with your everyday clothing. Here are two fun outfit ideas that emphasize your shemagh scarf.

The Artsy Hipster Outfit

A shemagh scarf is the perfect centerpiece for an artsy look, since it is culturally symbolic and will inspire a lot of questions from people you meet. Everyone will want to know where you got your scarf, or who gave it to you. To create the perfect artsy look, choose a long, flowing skirt in a solid color -- this should be one of the colors in your scarf. Then, on top, layer a tighter-fitting cami under a looser, button-up style blouse. Choose a blouse with open sides and a few embellishments, link fringe and buttons, for the most unique look. A belt around your waist, made from faux leather, will add another accent.

Wrap your scarf loosely around your neck, letting the ends stay loose. This look is all about being laid-back and casual, so resist the urge to make your scarf look neat or perfect. Put a flower in your hair or don some dangling earrings, and you're ready to hit your favorite art museum or music festival.

The Posh Professional Outfit

It's amazing how your scarf can be dressed down or up, based on the clothing you wear with it. If you'd like to wear your scarf for a business casual occasion, start with a trim, A-line skirt. Any color in your scarf will do, and black is always a good choice. On top, choose a fitted shirt. It should be made from sleek, smooth material and should be tight enough that it shows your shape, though not so tight that it creates bulges where you don't want them. The slim line of your skirt and tighter top will allow your looser scarf to be the center of attention.

To wear your scarf in a more polished way with this outfit, fold it in half, so that you have both ends in one hand. Then, wrap the scarf around your neck in a circle, folding the ends under the scarf to both secure it and hide them. Finish your outfit with some simple heels and maybe some stud earrings.

Whether you dress it up for work or down for a weekend occasion, your shemagh scarf is bound to be the star of the show. Practice putting it on ahead of time before you plan on wearing it to an event. That way, you'll make sure you wear it perfectly when you go out.


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