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Transform Any Room With Modern Window Treatments

When you move in to a new apartment or purchase a new home, it's easier to use whatever type of curtains or window blinds you have around than to go out and buy new ones. But once you've settled in, you may want to update your window treatments to match the style of each room. Whether you're looking to breathe some new life into a single room in your home or want to take on the task of updating the window treatments in the whole house, consider going outside the box .

3 Modern and Stylish Window Treatment Ideas

Get Crafty

Craft time doesn't have to consist of gluing pictures into a scrapbook or using pipe cleaners to create napkin rings. Crafting can be a therapeutic and fun way to express your artistic side, while still being tasteful and eye-catching. Stenciled drapes or a monogram stenciled valance can make a statement in a bedroom or living room with the use of a few simple tools. All you'll need is some fabric paint, stencils, a foam roller and some tape. 

Recycled Materials

Go green and use recycled items that you have around the house like mason jars and twine to create a beautiful and one of a kind new window treatment in the kitchen or family room. Flower arrangements don't have to limited to the dinner table when you use your creativity. Hang mason jars from the window frame using twine and brass or copper hooks. Fill them with a touch of fresh water and display seasonal flowers along the window year round. For privacy, either hang curtains from a tension rod or invest in some designer window blinds.

Bring the Outside In

It's easy to create a comfy, country cottage feel in the bedroom or dining room with the help of outdoor shutters. Shutters are relatively inexpensive and can be found at thrift stores or your local hardware store. Repurpose a pair of old shutters by giving them a fresh coat of paint and transform them from an outdoor accent to an indoor window treatment that can brighten any room.

The right window treatment can help to tie a room together and make it a more welcoming place for family to gather. Say goodbye to standard window blinds and boring sheers by thinking outside the box to transform your window treatments into a bold, beautiful statement pieces. For more information on window treatments, contact a professional like Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds.​

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Got Foundation Repair Questions? Get Answers Here!

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