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Use Shades Of Yellow And Blue To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Cheerful, Cozy Space

Different colors are often associated with different moods or feelings. So, when transforming your bedroom into a room that feels cheerful and cozy, yellow and blue are excellent color choices. When you combine the two, you end up with a room that makes you feel calm and happy, which is a great combination for a bedroom. Learn why using yellow and blue helps you transform your bedroom into a cheerful, cozy space and how to combine the two colors properly.

Decorating with Yellow

Yellow exudes happiness, so it's the logical choice when you want your room to have a cheerful vibe. However, you need to be able to relax in your bedroom, so don't choose a shade that's too energetic. Instead, choose soft or warm shades of yellow such as buttercream or a rich golden yellow.

Consider painting the walls of your bedroom in a soft, buttery shade of yellow and choosing a few golden accent pieces for your room. Not only does the light yellow paint give the room a calm, happy feel, but pale shades of yellow reflect light well -- your bedroom will feel cozy at night but cheerful and bright during the day.

Decorating with Blue

Blue is considered a relaxing color, making it a great option for your bedroom. However, all shades of blue shouldn't be treated equally. Avoid decorating with shades of dark blue, which can invoke sad feelings. Instead, use warm shades of turquoise or cerulean to give your room a relaxed feel.

If you aren't a fan of bold colors, light blue is a good option. However, if light blue isn't combined with warm colors, it can make your room feel cold and uninviting. So, if you decide to paint your bedroom walls light blue, accentuate the walls using deep, rich shades of chocolate brown or yellow to bring warmth into the room.

Combining Yellow and Blue

Blue and yellow complement each other well, so it's hard to go wrong when you combine the two. However, both are colors that make a statement, so you need to combine the colors in a way that doesn't make your bedroom feel overwhelming. A few options include:

  • Consider bringing turquoise and yellow together with other vibrant colors by purchasing a rug that features a beautiful Indian textile design. The bright colors in the rug will make it the focal point of your bedroom, and you'll still be able to relax at night because you won't be able to see the vibrant rug while you're laying in bed. However, because the rug features a colorful Indian textile design, you need to be careful using color in the rest of the room. For example: if you paint the walls light yellow, choose curtains in a darker yellow shade, and use turquoise as an accent color -- or vice versa.
  • If your bedroom has lovely windows, purchase curtains with an Indian textile design that combines lighter shades yellow and blue. Consider curtains with a feminine flower design to complement your muted wall color, or choose curtains with a plaid design to give the room a rustic feel. For more information about these designs, contact Tara Design - Antique Indian Furniture And Art or a similar company.
  • Choose bedding that either blends in or contrasts with your wall color. For example: if you opt for soft yellow walls, either choose royal blue bedding to provide contrast or bedding in a darker shade of yellow that blends well with your wall color. Remember, it doesn't matter whether you want you bedding to blend in or contrast with the other colors in the room, but you need to use the color you don't use on your bedding as your room's accent color.

For the most part, it doesn't matter how you choose to combine blue and yellow in your bedroom. Just remember that using Indian textile designs and other patterns in your room design ties the colors together. Then, as long as you don't go crazy with the colors, it's simple to use them to create a cheerful, cozy bedroom that you'll love.

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