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2 Window Replacements That Can Benefit You And Your Home

Replacing all of the windows within your home can be a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the many different window varieties out there. However, it can be a bit hard to narrow down your options because all of the different types of window replacement options offer their own set of benefits and advantages. Two window replacement options that you should seriously consider are impact-resistant and electrochromic windows.


One of the biggest problems with normal windows is that they are typically not going to provide much of an impediment to anyone that wants to break into your home. As a result, the windows of your home are one of the biggest weaknesses in your home's security, which is why they are often targeted by intruders. 

An impact-resistant window is designed to make an intruder's entry into your home much more difficult and time-consuming by forcing the intruder to break through two panes of glass. In addition to the two panes of glass, impact-resistant windows also have a sticky film placed between the pieces of glass that is meant to keep the glass in the window frame should the window be broken or shattered.

This film will force any potential intruders to take the time to dig out the film and pull the shards of glass out of the frame. The extra time this takes will provide you and your family more time to notice the activity and either get to safety or contact the police. 


One of the most irritating parts about having to work or go to school during the night is that it can often be extremely hard to sleep during the day due to the light. Even if you attempt to utilize curtains to block the light, some light will inevitably work its way through the curtains or around the edges of your curtains. An electrochromic window can help because it is designed to get darker as an electric current is run through it, which can make the glass capable of blocking out 98% of sunlight.

Another useful aspect of this type of window is that if you make the window as dark as possible during a particularly hot summer day, it can prevent the sunlight from making the interior of your home hotter than it already is. This can in turn save you a bit of money by lessening your need to turn the air conditioner on. 

Speak to a contractor today in order to discuss which window replacement options would work best with your home and budget. Electrochromic windows can make your home cooler and make it easier for people with night schedules to sleep during the day, while impact-resistant windows can make your home more able to keep intruders out. Have a peek at this site for more information.

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