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4 Benefits of Pest Control Insulation

If you want to battle pests getting into your home, such as silverfish and ants, improving the insulation in your home is one way to battle these annoying pests. Pest control insulation not only helps protect your home against annoying pests, it has many additional benefits as well. Here are a few of the benefits of using or adding pest control insulation to your home. 

#1 Protects Your Home Against Pests

When you add regular insulation to your home, it improves the insulation of your home and helps lower your energy costs. However, when you add pest control insulation to your home, you get all of those benefits as well as a natural barrier against pests.

Pest control insulation contains borate. Borate is a salt which contains both oxygen and boron. When insects, such as silverfish, ants and earwigs ingest this material, it is toxic to them. This insulation material will kill any insects that try to make their way into your home. Mice and other rodents also do not like how borate smells or taste and tend to avoid it. 

#2 Fills in Gaps in Your Current Insulation

Fiberglass insulation, which is commonly used in residential construction, deteriorates over time. Even though your house may have been very well insulated when it was built, that does not mean that it is still insulated as well as it was originally due to the deterioration rate of fiberglass insulation. As your insulation deteriorates and shrinks, it leaves gaps where air can get into your home and cause you to waste energy. 

Pest control insulation can be blown into your walls and attic, and it can fill in the gaps in your current insulation system. This will improve the insulation level of your house.

#3 Improves Your Home's Fire Resistance

Another added benefit of adding pest control insulation to your home is that you can increase your home's fire resistance. Pest control insulation is designed to be fire-resistant. If your home were ever to catch fire, the new insulation in your home would help limit the spread of fire. 

#4 Saves You Money

Finally, increasing the amount of insulation in your home will save you money in the long run. When your house is well insulated, air will not be able to escape from your home when you are heating and cooling your home. This will allow you to spend less money heating and cooling your home. 

Pest control insulation offers the best of two different worlds; it keeps your home better insulated and reduces your energy costs, and it keeps pests such as insects and rodents away from your home as well. If you have any questions about insulation in general or what might be best for your home, consider looking into the websites of local specialist, such as

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