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Three Tea Candle Centerpiece Strategies For Outdoor Entertaining

Dining table candles are long and tapered. They are traditionally placed in elegant silver or brass holders. Although these candles offer a classic ambiance that will never go out of style, consider coloring outside of the lines at your next dinner party by using a grouping of tea light candles instead. Here are three ways that you can create a tea candle centerpiece that's safe and won't blow out.

Put Them in Mason Jars

For a rustically chic look, place candles in small mason jars and group them in the center of the table when hosting a romantic dinner for two. If you're hosting a dinner party with over six guests, place two or three tea candle groupings down the length of the table for optimal effect. Using mason jars allows the colors of the candles and their flames to be visible but protects against accidental spills. The jars also protect the candle flames from becoming extinguished by wind.

Put Them in a Cute Tin Can Lantern

All you need is a tin can and a tool to poke holes in it to create a unique outdoor lantern for outdoor dining decorations. Simply gather together your desired number of tin cans, thoroughly clean them inside and out, and fill them with water and place in the freezer until the water is frozen solid in order to provide a stable, firm surface for hammering in the holes. A hammer and a nail is all you need for a basic tin can lantern, but you can use an assortment of nails to create holes of different sizes. You can choose to create an abstract design or use a piece of paper to design the pattern of your choice to tape to the side of the can while you're punching in the holes with your hammer and nails. As with the mason jars, the cans protect the candles from being blown out by wind or from being accidentally tipped over.

Place Them in Water

Fill the glass bowl of your choice with water, add tea candles, light them, and viola! Instant floating centerpiece. You can add fragrant flower petals to the mix for extra glamour or leave them out for a minimalist effect. For protection against spring breezes, only fill the bowl to about two inches under the rim to provide shelter for the candle flames. Of course,m the water itself provides the ultimate protection in the event the centerpiece inadvertently gets knocked over.

Look for tea light candle holders online.

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