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Tips To Maintain And Clean Your Gutters For An Improved Performance And Protection

Your home's gutters make up a big part of your roof protection and the moisture barrier for your home foundation and interior. As your gutters age and handle water flow capacity during and after rainstorms, they can wear out, become corroded, and pull away from your home's roof edges. Here are some steps you can take to keep your gutters in good shape and working well to protect your home from moisture.

Complete Gutter Repairs

Unless you have seamless gutters, the main area of your gutters that can begin to leak is within the seams and connection points. Aluminum and galvanized steel gutters can begin to corrode, and vinyl gutters can become brittle and crack apart at these points, leaving water to drip from them and onto the ground below. However, you can patch them with a simple repair that you can do yourself.

You will need some roofing cement or silicone sealant to fill in the cracks around your gutter seams. First, clean the inside and outside area of the gutter where you will be repairing to remove any dirt and dust, using a wet cloth. Apply the sealant or cement onto the seam on the inside and the outside of the gutter to completely fill in the crack of the connection. This project is best done in warm dry weather, but you can also complete it when the weather has started to become cool in the fall. Just be sure the patching compound adheres fully to your gutters. Repeat this along each of the connection points along your gutter that have been leaking.

Contact a gutter service if you need help with a gutter repair.

Clear Out Gutter Clogs

Another important task you need to handle in your home's gutter systems is to keep them cleaned out to ensure they have the most capacity. Some heavy storms can create quite a bit of runoff, especially when your roof is larger in surface area, and your gutters can become filled with rain. If your gutters are already lined with a layer of leaves, dust, and twigs, this can cause them to overflow and become excessively heavy, potentially weighing the gutters down too much and pulling them away from your home connection.

Be sure you clean out your gutters at least once a year and more often if you have a lot of trees in the area. You can look into installing gutter guards onto your rain gutters to keep leaves and debris from filling them. Talk to a local roofing professional about options to install your gutters with guards to keep them clean.

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