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5 Reasons To Schedule A Leak Inspection For Your New House

Buying a new home is in many ways a mystery, as there can be issues that neither the previous owner nor you are aware of. Leaks that cause water damage can be the most insidious because the damage can happen slowly and be in areas that are hidden, such as under floorboards or in the walls. Contact a leak detection service to inspect your new home if any of the following applies. 

1. Sewer Concerns

Sewer main lines can last 50 to 100 years, depending on the material they are made out of. If your home is more than 50 years old, it's a good idea to have the line inspected for leaks. You may also want to have the sewer lines within the house inspected if they are metal and not PVC pipes, as metal pipes can develop corrosion and pinhole leaks. Raw sewage is one of the worst leaks to deal with, so catching problems early is important.

2. Basement Inspections

Any home with a basement should have a thorough leak inspection completed. Foundation leaks are exceedingly common in both newer and older homes. The good news is that most basement foundation leaks can be repaired and major damage can be thwarted if the leaks are caught in their early stages. 

3. Old Water Pipes

The service life of water supply lines varies drastically depending on the material, with galvanized pipes lasting as little as 20 years and brass pipes staying in service for 70 years or more. If the life span of your home's particular water line material is approaching, then a leak detection inspection is a must. Supply lines can develop pinhole leaks that never lead to obvious water damage but can cause mold growth within the walls. 

4. Aging Roof Structure

Old roofs don't withstand the elements very well, and even one without an obvious leak could still be allowing small amounts of moisture into the attic. If there are musty mildew odors in the attic, or if it feels damp, then a leak detection service should be called in to look for water leaks in the roof and ventilation structures. 

5. Unexplained Water Damage

When walking through your new home, take some time to touch the walls and moldings in the room. If anything feels soft or damp, then water damage could be present under a new coat of paint. Areas around window and door frames, as well as the walls bordering the fireplace, are common locations for water damage to hide.

Contact a leak detection service if you are worried about water damage in your new home. 

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