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Modern Trends In Home Fireplaces To Consider For Your Cozy Living Room

While modern heat systems can be mostly invisible, a fireplace is still one of the coziest implements to have in the living room. The days of standard bricked-in receptacles for a fire are long gone. Today, home fireplaces can be far more aesthetically appealing and unique. Take a look at a few modern trends to consider if you are planning to have a fireplace installed in your home. 

The Linear Home Fireplace  

The linear home fireplace boasts a shorter, more horizontal shape than the standard fireplace, which is most often closer to square-shaped. The fireplace takes up more wall length, which can really look nice if you have a large open wall in your living room. These fireplaces operate with gas. So, at the touch of a button, you can have a length of flickering flames running along the base of a wall. 

Summer Kit Fitted Fireplace 

Do you enjoy the appearance of a cozy flickering set of flames even when you don't necessarily need the heat? If so, be sure to talk to the home fireplace service about having your fireplace fitted with a summer kit. A summer kit can be installed on just about any fireplace type or style and can be incredibly advantageous if you want to use the fireplace in your living room throughout every season.

The summer kit is a system that gets positioned inside and around the fireplace that consists of fans and vent pipes to pull all heat produced out of the house where it can be expelled. So, you get to enjoy the fire without feeling the heat. 

Frameless Home Fireplaces 

A frameless home fireplace takes on similar design aspects as frameless shower doors; you don't have a clear barrier between the fireplace and the rest of the home's structure even though it is definitely there. These fireplaces are more contemporary, but they work really well in a minimalistic home that is designed around clean lines and features. 

The Pass-Through Fireplace 

If you like the idea of having a visible fireplace in more than just your living room, a pass-through fireplace may be a good option. These fireplaces are visible from both sides of a wall. For example, you could have the same fireplace in use in both your dining room and living room. The unit is installed within the wall and is visible from both sides. 

Contact a local home fireplace service to learn more. 

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