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Create Your Own Bird Watching Area In Your Yard

If you enjoy watching birds, you may want to consider dedicating an area in your yard where you would be able to get a close look at your feather friends whenever you wish. It is not that difficult to create a small area that can be enjoyed regularly to relax you while watching birds. Here are some ideas you can use to make your own bird watching retreat in your yard.

Designating An Area

Look around your yard for an area where you have seen birds frequenting in the past. A clearing with wooded areas in the near distance would be perfect because it will give you spot to rest while being near birds in their natural habitat. Try to find an area where you will not need to do extensive moving of rocks or bramble.

Trimming The Grounds

The first thing you will need to do to prepare your area, is remove any debris so you will have a clean palate to work with. Pile up rocks and branches far from the area for removal from your yard at a later time. Do some weeding to remove overgrown foliage out of the area. Mow any grass to a shore level in order to keep away insects and small pests.

Building A Pathway

Use pavers or stone to construct a sidewalk or path in your bird watching retreat. This can be placed in a square formation so you will be able walk around while viewing the birds around you. If you wish, build a pathway towards your home so you will be able to walk outdoors and walk down a sidewalk to your bird watching area.

Placing stone or pavers is not difficult. Plot the area where you wish to construct your path and dig down a few inches. Place crushed gravel in the pathway and press the medium you are using into the ground. Tamp it down with a hand tamper.

Adding Decor

Place a wooden or metal bench in your bird watching area so you will have a place to relax while viewing. It will also keep birds from getting scared of someone in a standing position. Use a small plastic storage chest to store binoculars and a guide book. Place these items in a plastic bag before storing, in case moisture happens to get inside the chest. Place a bird bath and a few bird feeders in the distance so birds will have a spot to congregate. Plant a few flowers around your bench and on the sides of your pathway to help give the area some visual appeal. 

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