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Preparing Your Home For New Carpet Installation

If you just selected new carpeting to be installed in your home, you will soon be enjoying a fresh, new look in the rooms you intend on having it placed. Whether you decide to hire a carpet installation service or to forego professional installation and try placing it yourself, there are some steps you will need to take beforehand in preparation. Here are the steps you will need to take before bringing the new carpeting in the home to be installed.

Remove All Personal Items

Not only will you need to removal furniture and personal belongings from the rooms where the carpeting is to be placed, but you will also want to do the same for all areas where you will be walking through your home with the new flooring material. Since carpeting is rolled up in a long cylindrical shape, it is rather awkward to move through hallways and around tight corners. To minimize the risk of breakage of your items, remove anything in the path you intend on using to bring your carpeting inside the home. Do not forget wall hangings, mirrors, pictures, and shelving as these can easily fall to the ground if the rolled carpet knocks into them.

Clean The Existing Floor

Regardless of what type of flooring you have on the areas you intend on carpeting, it will need to be cleaned. If you have carpeting that you will be ripping out to replace, it will still need to be cleaned to minimize the amount of debris kicked up into the room during its removal. Take the time to thoroughly vacuum the rooms you are carpeting to minimize dust before bringing the new carpeting inside the home. This will allow your new carpeting to be installed without the risk of dirt settling into the fibers before you even had a chance to walk on it. It is a good idea to steam clean existing carpet if you intend on reusing it. This way you can store it in a clean state, making for an easy installation in the future.

Remove The Doors

Since the doors will become a nuisance in the rooms where you plan on putting your carpeting, they will need to be removed from the area. Take the hinges off each door using a screwdriver and place them inside a plastic sandwich bag along with the screws so you do not lose them. Tape the bag of hardware belonging to each door directly to its surface. This way the pieces will be readily accessible when it comes time to replace the doors. Store these doors in an area out of the way of the rooms being carpeted so dust from the installation does not cover them.

For more information, contact a carpet installation company, such as Carpet Depot Inc.

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Got Foundation Repair Questions? Get Answers Here!

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