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Three Tips on Starting a High Pressure Water Cleaning Business

High pressure washing services are in big demand by both residential and commercial customers. Pressure washing can remove unwanted stains and other blemishes to bring sidewalks, driveways, brick walls, and other hard surfaces to life. This fresh look is often cheaper than resurfacing or painting. If you want to start a business providing this service, there are a few items you will need.

A hot water pressure unit

The heart of your equipment is the water pressure unit. This consists of a single assembly the consists of a an engine, usually gas, and a tank to hold the pressurized water. Smaller washing units are mounted on wheels, so you can move it to the surface that needs cleaning. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. There are both cold and hot water washers available, but for commercial use, you need to buy a hot washer unit. Hot water under pressure cleans better. Grease and stubborn stains may not come out as easily with cold water. The hoses, nozzles and other needed accessories you can obtain from the same company that is selling the water cleaning equipment. Make sure any accessories you purchase will fit the brand you are buying. Talk to a company like Hotsy Equipment Of Northern Colorado for assistance in choosing the washer and attachments.

A trailer and pickup truck

You will need a trailer that is capable of holding all of your large equipment and a truck with a hitch capable of pulling the weight of the trailer and its contents. Large SUVs may be able to pull your trailer too, as well as a van. A truck makes your job easier because smaller pieces of equipment such as nozzles, hoses can be kept in the bed of your truck.

Licensing and insurance

Naturally, there are various things you will need that are common to many businesses. You will likely need a business license to operate in your town. You may need a permit as well. Both of these things you can inquire about with your local government. You will need to carry liability insurance. The amount may be dictated by law. You can get this information from your local government too.

Before you decide to rush into business, you should get a little experience. All of the basic equipment can be rented, so you can clean your own property and perhaps a few driveways and other surfaces of your friends and relatives. If you find you enjoy this work, you can take the plunge and purchase your own equipment. Although it may be possible to rent equipment for a new business, you will find that having your own equipment is more productive and cheaper in the long run for your new business.

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Got Foundation Repair Questions? Get Answers Here!

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