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Using Ridgestone To Add Character To Your Classic Home

When designing or renovating your home and yard, one thing to think about is how the stones you choose will match the style of your home. While modern homes look nice with sleek pavers and tile, old fashioned homes are more suited for unique stone siding, such as ridgestone.

Ridgestone is made of rectangular and irregular cut stones that are textured like limestone or sandstone and appear as if they've been worn down from exposure to the elements. The stones are layered horizontally on top of one another with or without mortar in between. Their layering and imperfections can add charm, and their aged appearance can give your home a more rustic feel when added to different areas.


The yard and exterior of your home is a great place to feature stone detailing. Here are a few places when stonework would add hominess to an outdoor setting. 


Outdoor fireplaces and firepits can be surrounded by ridgestone to create a picturesque setup. Stone soaks up the heat of the day and radiates that warmth back out into the air, making the patio fireplace a cozy place to be in the evenings


Seeing a tall stone chimney on the outside of a home is classic and timeless. Adding ridgestone to the exterior of your chimney can create the old fashioned flair that you're looking for in the architecture of your home. 

Retaining Walls

Short walls used in landscaping are a good place for additional ridgestone. When you add stonework here as well as other places, it can create a sense of cohesiveness throughout your space.


Though stone is typically thought of as an outside feature only, there are many places inside your home that can be elevated with stonework. Bringing ridgestone inside will create a sense of cozy provinciality.


Using ridgestone for this necessary element of your kitchen will not only provide great style but will also keep the walls of your kitchen protected from heat and messy food.

Accent Walls

When stonework is placed on walls, it adds texture and visual interest to rooms that can tend to feel flat or uninteresting. A ridgestone accent wall would look especially good featured in a living room, master bedroom, or even a bathroom.


Just as stone on the exterior of a chimney adds interest, it does the same on the interior portion of chimneys and hearths around a fireplace. Stone fireplace surrounds will always be a quintessential element of any cozy home.

Ridgestone is the perfect style of stone siding to really lean into the historic feel of your classic home. Adding this stonework is a simple upgrade that can really transform the look of any space in your home and garden. Contact a ridgestone supplier for more information.

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