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5 Reasons to Choose Wood Furniture

When shopping for new furniture, skip the particleboard and plastic stuff and go right for solid wood. These pieces provide a timeless beauty in the home, as well as quite a few other benefits. 

1. Durability

One of the most attractive features of wood furniture is simply how durable it is. There are antique wood pieces that have been passed down for centuries, which really attests to the durability of wood. Wood can withstand heavy use with little to no permanent damage. Further, wood is easily repairable, which means that damage doesn't necessarily mean the end of the piece. 

2. Minimal Maintenance

Wood is often mistakenly seen as high maintenance compared to furniture made from synthetic material, but this isn't true. In general, all wood needs is occasional dusting and a coat of polish. The polish brings out the wood's luster and helps protect the wood against drying and other damage. For a few minutes of maintenance, you end up with furniture that can last a lifetime.

3. Adaptable

Furniture styles can come and go, but wood furniture can adapt. Many pieces are already created in timeless styles, so it is only the finish or color that may begin to look dated. With some effort, wood can be restained or painted to give it an all-new look. This means that the wood furniture that was en vogue 20 years ago can be adapted to modern styles easily. 

4. Always Unique

No two wood furniture pieces are exactly the same, even if they are made on an assembly line. This is because the very nature of the wood used to make the pieces is unique. The wood grain patterns and knothole swirls on the wood make each furniture item one-of-a-kind regardless of the overall design. Older furniture can be even more unique, as there are likely fewer pieces that mimic the design exactly. 

5. Sustainable

Some people shy from wood due to concerns about the environment. Wood is often one of the most sustainable choices when it comes to furniture, though. First, wood is a renewable resource, and its longevity also ensures that the piece will be around for decades if not generations — which means less new furniture needs to be produced. Furniture that consists of synthetic materials often comes at a greater environmental cost to both produce and eventually dispose of. 

Contact a furniture dealer to see all the available wood options that will work in your home. 

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Got Foundation Repair Questions? Get Answers Here!

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